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Friday, October 1, 2010

Life in the Bayou

October 1, 2010

Happy Skype day! Thanks to Jim Merrit's gang in Marshfield MA for the great questions, and Sandy Fischer's class in Chatham NY for the wonderful memories with some great kids! It was fun to joke around with students again...

Just a few pics today to talk about life down here that's different than the norm. Yesterday, we spent all day on a massive kayak excursion to take a couple plots. It was fun (especially the gator hunt through the bayou at the end), but I did get to experience other life than caterpilars (and spiders, and fire ants, and chiggers)

This picture shows a caterpillr that has parasitoid eggs coming out of it. This, frankly, is what the researchers down here are looking for. These are probably wasp eggs that are killing the ost caterpillar.

These are lacewing fly eggs lined up on a tree branch like they are attached to pins.

These are giant clams we found during our kayak. They move quite quickly!

More to come. Love to all!

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